Why does a healthy product have to taste dull, or lack flavor? Why eating healthy has to feel like we’re missing out on the good stuff?  Trying to eat healthy as a young teen was always very difficult due to the lack of interesting options. The usual “healthy” snacks lacked flavor and personality and my choices were either veggies sticks, nuts or whole grain crackers. Not very exciting.

When I started thinking about creating the Highland Farm Foods brand in 2015, I thought about filling a void in the snack category by creating a healthy alternative to “dull snacking” that would be filled with flavor and personality.

The challenge was big for sure: create a product line that would redefine healthy eating and try to make people want to replace common snacks with our delicious, alternatives following today’s healthy trends.


Following our “gut” was key. We knew we had a great idea and that people were looking for a healthy alternative, so we just went for it.

Defining the pillars to build our Quinoa Pops snack line was key and those are: health, flavor and innovation. We knew about the nutritional value of quinoa and thought about combining it with delicious, natural ingredients.

We launched the line in 2016 with three delicious sweet flavors: vanilla, chocolate and cinnamon. We first introduced the line at the 2016 Fancy Food Show in NYC and it was a hit!


“So, what about savory flavors?” we were asked at our first Fancy Food Show in New York City in June 2016.

One year later, at the same show, we introduced our Quinoa Pops savory flavors: Black Sea Salt, Sweet Chili and Italian Herbs.

With this line our main goal was to challenge ourselves to “think outside the box” and source rare ingredients in order to create innovative and exotic flavors. We sourced our black sea salt from the sacred Inca valleys in Perú and fell so much in love with its flavor, that we decided to use it in all of our savory creations.

People were astounded: “Is this really made with quinoa?” “How can this be healthy if it tastes so good?” At that moment we knew we were doing things right; we were ending with the common thought that healthy is not delicious.


All of our products are produced with high quality ingredients in FDA certified facilities.

We strongly believe in paving roads between the producer and the consumer. We pay a fair market price for their crop.

Health, flavor and innovation are the things that drive us to create more delicious products that will make you choose healthy every day.

Thank you for your support!

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