Keto Diet: The popular diet of 2018

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What is the Keto diet and how does it benefit your health?


The keto diet is setting a trend amongst nutrition experts across the globe.  This diet focuses on consuming healthy fats and proteins, which at the same time implies lowering the consumption of carbs, sugars and even in some cases fruits and vegetables. The main goal with this is to provoke in the body a metabolic state called “ketosis”.


What is Ketosis?

It’s the process in which the body, through the liver becomes obligated to  recompose stored fat and transform it in small fuel molecules called ketones”. Ketones feed the muscles and the brain, therefore the fat burning process takes place faster compared to the same process in traditional diets.

Once the body reaches a ketosis state, it acquires an expertise to utilize natural fats that we consume as the fuel we need on a daily basis.


What can we expect?

With the keto diet, the body changes its intake of energy in order to function exclusively by consuming fat, thus a low insulin level and a high fat burning process.


How can we know if we are in a ketosis state?

We have different ways to know if we are in a ketosis state:
-Breath, this is one of the main indicators since ketones have a particular smell that detaches from the body.
-Frequent visits to the restroom.
-Dry mouth and feeling thirsty.
-Less appetite.
-More energy, this state reaches the body after it has experienced fatigue from the diet the first few days.


What to eat?

Go for it:

Animal skin
Omega 3


It’s OK:



Don’t even think about it:

Wheat Germ
Vegetable oils



Wine (every now and then)
Milk or whip cream (moderate portions)

Generally, it is recommended to consume low levels of carbs in order to maintain ketosis for a longer period of time. Less carbs the better, since you will be able to notice results faster. Avoid high sugar foods, filled with starch, since the carbs decomposition takes more time.

A recommendation is that the energy should come: 10% from carbs, 15% – 25% from protein and 70% or more from fats.


What are the advantages and disadvantages?


-Noticeable weight loss.
-Low levels of triglycerides.
-Rise of good cholesterol.
-Less appetite.
-Avoids liquid retention in the body.
-Increases fitness endurance
-More mental focus.
-Favors patients with epilepsy, Parkinson and Alzheimer.
-It improves acne, blood pressure, migraines etc.



-When you eliminate fruits and vegetables from the menu, you can experiment negative symptoms due to the lack of certain vitamins, minerals and fibers.
-Most common symptoms that people who follow a keto diet experience are: bad breath, indigestion, arrhythmia, ADD and several more.
-This diet is not recommended for people with heart problems, diabetics and liver or renal problems.


How important is to have professional guidance?

Just like when following in any other diet plan, it is important to have professional guidance and support. This diet can be followed for long periods of time, which provokes a ketosis state that contributes to the benefits of fasting without having to practice it. However, medical opinion y routine checkups will allow you to keep good eating habits and that way your body will be in prime conditions.


Quinoa an approved food in the keto diet?

A healthy option that we can indulge in while following the keto diet is quinoa.

“This food also contains minerals which are important for the brain such as iron, magnesium and phosphorus. Also, quinoa has a low glycemic index, which means that it releases glucose slower and in a more progressive manner, a virtue for mental performance,” indicates an article from the “European Medical Institute for Obesity.”

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Your nutrition does not have to be taken lightly. Throughout this article we have presented the most relevant details of the keto diet. It is extremely important that the diet you choose to follow makes you feel well and joyful.

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