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The fast paced lifestyle, the competitive professional world, the challenges that represent being the head of a household, the stress of studying, and the amount of chores that we have on a daily basis, are reasons enough to mark a necessary pause in our lives that allows us to breathe and think.

Although it is true that a person is capable of completing all of his/her tasks and achieve their goals efficiently; it is also true that being humans means using tools that will add value and will favor a better lifestyle. One of these tools is exercise

What is a lifestyle?

Consumoteca defines lifestyle as “the group of attitudes and behaviors that people adopt and develop in a collective or individual manner in order to satisfy their needs as human beings and reach their personal development.”

What do we understand by physical activity/exercise?

Blasco (1994) says that physical activity is “any body movement produced by the muscles that lead to an energy loss.” This is why we can conclude that physical activity is practically everything from going up and down the stairs, walk, play a musical instrument, or cook. On the same token, the World Health Organization (WHO) defines exercise as the planned physical activity, which is structured and repetitive with the goal of acquiring, maintaining, or improving physical shape.

Reasons to adopt exercise as part of your lifestyle

Practicing a sport provides us with the energy to feed our body and the willingness and discipline that we develop help us create healthier habits and behaviors which are mindful of our body’s well-being.

Physical activity is a good practice that adds energy and vitality to our lives. It benefits our breathing and blood circulation to all of our organs, we control our weight, we reduce the probability of getting sick and it strengthens our bones and muscles by generating this overall well-being.

Within the benefits maybe one of the most important to our health is using physical activity as a tool to develop a balanced emotional state. When we practice a sport, our body liberates endorphins, which are “natural opiates” that in many cases can be stronger and more effective than aspirin.

If you’re going to do something, this should be something that makes you feel well overall. Below we list some benefits that make the process of incorporating exercise in your life easier.

It’s easy, find an option that will not mean torture or sacrifice to you. When you do something that you like, you will focus your attention in the progress you’re making and not in the pain or how tired you are.

 Prevents illnesses such as being overweight, obesity, hearts problems, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, eye and mental problems, arthritis, depression, anxiety and it helps to reduce stress.

 It improves your emotional state through the presence of endorphins, dopamine and serotonin which gives you the sensation of well-being and “flow” after working out.

 You can do it anywhere, when you have your goals defined, your hourse, office or public places such as parks, become the most practical place to practice any sport.

 Start little by little, it’s not necessary to start by running a marathon, on the contrary, start with 10-15 minutes and go incrementing time slowly as your physical condition improves. Additionally, ask yourself: what are my goals? What part of my body I would like to work on? Do I like practicing a sport alone or in a group setting? Would a trainer help me? Can I afford a gym membership or is something cheaper also available? Do I prefer indoor or outdoor practices? What time and day are good for me? What makes me happy?

The superfood for those who practice sports

Together with practicing a sport, we must consider good eating habits as a complement to achieving our fitness goals. Quinoa has become a mandatory food in an athlete’s balanced diet due to its health benefits and wonderful nutritional properties

Quinoa is the superfoods od the moment since it helps increase muscle and improves fitness performance. You can enjoy quinoa any time in savory or sweet creations and benefit from its protein and antioxidant content.

Quinoa is the great discovery of the XXI century within the food industry. It is time to enjoy our healthy and fun recipes: https://highlandfarmfoods.com/recipes/

Now you know, the main thing is to first accept yourself and your body with that self-love take care of that temple that life has given to you. It is important too to have a strong desire to change your situation if you’re not happy with it by finding a physical activity that you enjoy. Once you have chosen your sport, practice it 3-5 times a week in order to develop a habit. With discipline and with the objective to feel healthy you will be able to achieve your fitness goals.

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